Our Services

Financial Guidance

Selecting the right investments and monitoring them over time is crucial to any long-term strategy. At BCU Investment Advisors*, we’re here to help you to accumulate, protect, and transfer your wealth. Our goal is to develop a personal roadmap for you to navigate to a financially secure future. We provide strategies designed to help you work toward growing your assets or creating income to help you achieve your dreams.

After reviewing your goals, objectives and risk tolerance, we’ll develop a customized investment program that helps make your money work for you. Together, we’ll determine the right mix of investments to help you reach your financial objectives with the degree of risk you find comfortable. Then, we’ll continually monitor your investments to ensure they stay aligned with your goals and financial situation. At the same time, we’ll continue to look out for additional new opportunities that fit your needs.

Asset Allocation
At BCU Investment Advisors*, one of our goals is to maximize returns while reducing risk. Because of that, asset allocation is part of our disciplined, time-tested investment strategy. We develop strategies using different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, equities and alternative investments to give you long-term, stable results.

When we craft your personal asset allocation based on your objectives and investment horizon, we start by taking into account your assets and income, expenses and liabilities, along with your tolerance for risk. Then, we explore the tradeoffs of the different asset allocation mixes to find the right balance of growth and stability. To ensure your asset allocation remains the right mix for your goals, your advisor continually monitors and evaluates your existing investments, while researching new opportunities.

Concentrated Stock and Options Position Planning
At BCU Investment Advisors*, we use sound, strategic guidelines to plan for concentrated stock positions, and stock options. Because of the high risk involved by putting all your eggs in one basket, we’ll work with you to develop smart hedging strategies to mitigate the risk of concentrated stocks.